About The Author

        Jonathan C. Robinson, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist who ran a private clinical practice, Christian Psychotherapy Resources, Inc. for 43 years before retiring in August, 2016. His book, Teachable Moments: Building Blocks of Christian Parenting (Morgan James Publishing, 2016), is a compilation clinical wisdom, treatment strategies, and practical behavioral and communication tips for children, teens, and their families.

        His podcast, "There For My Kids," are episodes drawn from 90-second radio spots, "Teachable Moments with Dr. Jon Robinson" and from parenting columns written for the Athens-Oconee Parent Magazine, a free publication distributed in Athens, GA, and surrounding communities.

        He has also developed a comprehensive website, www.thereformykids.com, with an abundance of resources both for parents and helping professionals. Dr. Robinson has spoken to local, regional, and national professional conferences and is available for presentations, classes, and workshops on a variety of topics related to clinical psychology, child development, and parenting strategies.

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